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Gate to the modern culture

ETKO is an event venue and new meeting point for locals and tourists, located at Limassol industrial port area.

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Cyprus is a unique island. Its history, location and climate invite solitude and isolation. Time flows slowly here and it provides opportunities for finding your identity, creativity and dreaming.

Preserving the heritage of an old winery, ETKO carries an inseparable historical connection with the island. At the same time, ETKO is a new point on the Cyprus map, aimed to open a modern perspective on the island, to reveal its potential.

While opening it, we ourselves became the first dreamers here — we intended to create a space where different ideas meet and various people could express themselves without boundaries and requirements.

Whether you come alone, with friends or family — take your chance to explore the area and step into a world of creation, discovery and adventure.

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  • Kids of 90’s w Yann Destal from MODJO
    Kids of 90’s w Yann Destal from MODJO

    On March 8th -"Kids of the 90s" with Yann Destal from MODJO at Hangar!  Experience a special night of 90s nostalgia with live hits like "Lady" and "Chillin." Celebrate International Women's Day with a throwback to the golden decade's vibrant atmosphere, hosted by Yann Destal and the Hangar club team. Join us for an unforgettable journey back in time in Limassol.  See you on the dance floor!

    8 March

    On March 15th, join the Carnival at ETKO's Organic stage for Korolova's electrifying beats. Rising Ukrainian DJ Korolova, known for her melodic house and techno, has performed in 20 countries, amassing 100 million YouTube views and 50 million streams. She's performed at Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and worked with stars such as Jan Blomqvist. With releases on Ultra, Armada, and her Captive Soul label, she's recognized by Tiesto and Vintage Culture. Dress code: Carnival-inspired.

    15 March

    Incorporating a multicultural blend of music events, arts, theatrical elements and decorations will craft an extraordinary carnival realm. Inspired by the technology and modernity, Etko Carnival Fiesta is hosting 3 stages per day. 2 DAYS & 3 STAGES. 16.03 - Ghetto Funk, Santa.Nosha & Retro Carnival.  17.03 - Plyntirio By Mix fm, Picanteria & Retro Carnival. 

    16/17 March
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We believe that creativity has an infinite number of paths, and our waiting area provides an opportunity for their convergence.

We invite those who are aimed to contribute to the world and those who are ready for experiments to express their individuality here. By becoming a part of a new project, together we will build the modern «cultural gates» of the island.


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We highly appreciate the importance of winemaking traditions in Cyprus that take its roots from more than 6,000 years ago.

etko winery at 1992

For the past years, the territory of the former winery was a totally abandoned place with old equipment, tanks, barrels, and bottles. Everything was left among the crumbling walls and dusty rooms.

In 2023 the territory was reinovated and was returned to its former glory: saving historical heritage, decorating public areas, and installing special lighting effects. Now the venues are reviving and are soon be opened for everyone.

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